Apply to the postmaster EnvIM

Information ! Applications are open! We advise you to send your application file as soon as possible. The files are studied as soon as they are received. The number of places being limited, admissions are based on the places available.

Opening of applications:

-MS EnvIM option Europe, applications are open: Applications are open for the option EU, several sessions will be organized, May, July and September 2020. Contact us for any question


These meetings are organized by Visio for EnvIM EU.  Registration is required to attend, please contact us.

Mastère spécialisé® / Postmaster International Environmental Management (EnvIM)

Option Asia : Applications are closed,
Option Europe : Applications are open, next session May 30th, and June 30th.

Upon admission, students EnvIM Asia will be kept updated on new developments in our response to the global outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). In case this impacts the program, students could be suggested to shift to EnvIM Europe.

Files are the same for both ASIA & EU option