Apply to the postmaster EnvIM

Information ! Applications are open! We advise you to send your application file as soon as possible. The files are studied as soon as they are received. The number of places being limited, admissions are based on the places available.

Opening of applications:

-MS EnvIM (option Asia) : Applications are open. The first recruitment session will close on January 31 2020, the second session on February 29 and the last session on March 31.
-MS EnvIM (EU option):
Applications are open.


These meetings take place at MINES ParisTech, at 60 Boulevard Saint Michel 75006 Paris or via Skype. The next school meetings are scheduled for January 23 and March 10 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Meetings via Skype will be held on February 11 for EnvIM

Registration is required to attend, they will open soon. You can already add these dates to your calendars.

Mastère spécialisé® / Postmaster International Environmental Management (EnvIM)

Option Asia : Applications are now open!
Option Europe : Applications are now open!

Files are the same for both ASIA & EU option