FAQs on the EnvIM Program


We organize online information sessions for students abroad in January. Dates and schedule are indicated on our website by the end of December. Contact  us to register or for more information.

When are the application deadlines?

Applications are open from December 20 until April 15 for the option Asia. Three sessions are organized, end of January, February and March. Note that no applications will be accepted after this date. For EnvIM Option Europe, the applications are open from April to October, end of October being the deadline to send your application file. Due to the health situation, applications are now closed for EnvIM EU and not open for EnvIM ASIA (academic year 2020-2021).

When should I apply?

Places are limited so please apply early to increase your chances of success. Candidates applying are strongly advised to submit applications as early as possible.

How do I know if I am eligible?

Complete and send us your application files, we check eligibility on the basis of the whole file, this step needs two to three weeks after the reception of your materials.

What does the admission process involve?

Upon reception, the application files are studied for eligibility. Two sessions are organized for interviews and tests, mid February and mid April for EnvIM Asia, and end of May, end of June and mid October for EnvIM Europe.

What IS the admission test about?

The admission process consists of the study of the application file, and if eligible, a written test (2 hours, organized by email) and an interview in English. Interviews are possible using visio tool for students abroad France. The admission process consists of the study of the application file, and if eligible, a written test (2 hours) and an interview in English. There is no specific recommendation to prepare these tests, based on no specific knowledge but on personal skills, ability to analyze, reflect and synthesize on a given subject (ex a case study dossier). Nevertheless we recommend applicants to prepare the interview reflecting on their personal motivations and professional project.

I am eligible, can interviews be conducted remotely?

Yes, we organize remote written tests and interviews with students out of France.

I am still in my last year of Master, can I apply without having the degree yet?

Many applicants are unable to provide their Master's degree diploma during the applications period. In that case provide a certificate or a copy of your latest diplomas and transcripts, current year included. Upon admission, a copy of the diploma is mandatory to register to this program.

Can I apply if I do not have a Master'S Degree, but a Bachelor'S degree?

These programs require a Master Degree level (Master 2, or 5 years of study after French “baccalaureat” or equivalence), but in some cases exemptions are accepted, for students having a bachelor if they have enough and coherent experiences (internships of period of work) and a sound personal motivation.

What english level is required?

The international Post-Master EnvIM is exclusively in English. It is therefore essential to have a very good English level. We expect a good score from an English test chosen by applicants. If you are coming from an English-speaking University or if English is your native language, you do not have to provide a certification. Written tests and interviews are conducted in English.
Ex : test such as TOEFL (iBT, PBT ou CBT), TOEIC (Bridge, or Listening and Reading, or Speaking and Writing), IELTS or Cambridge (CAE Certificate in Advanced English or CPE Profeciency in English) or equivalent are accepted.

What is the process for recommandation form?

Have them sent by email to the address indicated on the recommendation letter form. We prefer the letters being sent directly to us by the person recommending you. We expect 3 recommendation letters, forms can be downloaded here.

How to finance the program?

Most students finance the program costs with their own funds or student loans. However, French banks generally require a guarantor located in France. In all cases, the 6-month period in a company or internship, is usually paid and provides students with extra financial resources
This program does not offer any possibility to apply for a scholarship directly, (except for the particular case of some Tsinghua Chinese students) and students have to contact “Campus France” in their country. For further information, see the webpages and scholarships fitting nationality and background.

WhEN is the first date of the program?

For EnvIM Asia, the first week is scheduled early September, in Paris, to prepare the departure to China the following week. For EnvIM Europe the first day is scheduled in early January.

What is the difference between EnvIM EU & EnvIM Asia?

The EnvIM Post-Master’s has been created in partnership with Tsinghua University, it allows students to follow a pathway in China and France, and offer the possibility to apply to a Degree from Tsinghua University. The EnvIM Europe option has been created to the request of international, European and French applicants and young professionals wishing to learn through the mean of an innovative pegagogy, based on team projects, and acquire knowledges on the Europeans best practices in term of Environmental management.

In the EnvIM core program, common part of the two options, projects include the study of some developing countries, large infrastructure developments, some complex international supply chain, or trans boundaries issues. The purpose of this EnvIM program is to learn, explore and question the various solutions to face environmental challenges and discuss ways for a fair transition. To do that we will consider large scale, international and transboundary issues, and focus locally on some territories mainly outside Europe.

For any  further question or particular case, please contact us
email : info@isige.mines-paristech.fr
phone : +33 1 64 69 48 78