Unveiling new resources through marine innovations in China

China accounts for more than 14,500 km of coastlines from North to South. From seaweed in 1950, and mollusc during the 1980s, China has become the largest country in mariculture. In the field of energy and fresh water production, sea resources are considered as innovative techniques to meet the needs and to support China's economic development. However, the Chinese coastal ecosystems are amongst the most precious on Earth and  provide valuable ecosystem services.

EnvIM students  studied the latest innovative technologies and practices related to mariculture, desalination and energy production in China. Scientific, technical and sustainability issues  will be discussed with regard to these fields and current solutions.


A workshop was organized December 8, 2015, in Tsinghua University (School of Environment) in order to present their study : Blue Techs, Unveiling new resources through marine innovations in China


Bluetechs in China

A balance to be found between opportunities from the ocean and threats for a fragile environment

  • Ocean power and marine renewable energies
  • Food security : for a sustainable mariculture
  • Fresh water from the Ocean, impacts of desalinisation process




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