Professional assignment and professional thesis

An innovation-oriented period in a company, which can take place anywhere in the world, on an environmental, energy or sustainable development issue

After the academic parts, students undertake a 6-month professional training related to an environmental project for a company.

Meanwhile, the student is asked to have a global reflection on his/her subject, leading to a professional thesis. The idea is to add to his/her technical tasks a far-sight, transversal and critical vision, enhancing his/her professional experience. The professional thesis is an exhaustive and methodological work tool, with a concrete application in business.

After this mission, EnvIM students benefit from excellent hiring rates and quickly integrate leading industrial stakeholders. They can also benefit from MINES ParisTech Alumni Network to evolve towards top-management jobs, either in France or abroad.

An innovation-oriented 6-month mission in a company or institution

The subjects of these trainings are generally proposed by companies which desire to solve some of the major innovation issues they face in the fields of environment, energy or sustainable development. For the student, it is a chance to further develop his/her previous curriculum and to use recently acquired skills by successfully carrying out a groundbreaking mission in an international context.

This 6-month training (5-month for EnvIM - Option Europe) can take different shapes : a classical internship or a local employment contract.

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Professional thesis : an efficient worktool

Besides his professional asignement, the student develops a global, transversal and structured reflection leading to a professional thesis for his employer. Each student can orientate this specific study according to his background and career plan. This subject must represent a key stake for the company. Every student is supervised by an academic tutor in order to meet the requirements of the project objectives.

Thus, the professional thesis is a genuine experience giving an expertise on a specific topic. Its value is highly recognized by companies.

The professional thesis meets the a sector need, it is a structured reflection based on an effective method. Students are required to develop a prospective vision on their mission subject. The professional thesis is an exhaustive and methodological work tool, with a concrete application in the business.

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Examples of professional thesis

•    ICCT : NOx control technologies for diesel light duty vehicles (2015)

•    ARTELIA : Sustainable Urban Metabolism : The innovative case study of La Réunion Island ecocity project (2015)

•    Suez environnement : Industrial Ecology for port zones



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