EnvIM Post-Master: "Innovation and Environmental Project Management for a better future"

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The EnvIM Post Master proposes an international environmental management program, designed to train experts, and managers able to understand international environmental challenges and to develop innovative solutions.

Built in 2007 on a partnership with World-Class Universities from France (MINES ParisTech, INSA Lyon), China (Tsinghua University) and in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania (USA), this program proposes a global, intercultural and interdisciplinary approach to environmental challenges.

This Post Master's degree allows students from diverse educational backgrounds, with an eye on future professional responsibilities, to acquire more than just basic scientific understanding. They gain a cross-disciplinary view and a critical mindset toward issues in sustainable development and an environmental dimension of those issues. The pedagogy takes into account the latest scientific and technological advances in every field. Each theme is addressed from a scientific, political, social, ethical, managerial and regulatory standpoint.

The program encompasses the main environment and energy challenges faced by global actors with two themes: environmental sciences (engineering and innovative technologies) and environmental strategies (project management).

The program is based on a really innovative and operational pedagogy. Students are asked to work on multiple case studies and real projects developed in cooperation with leading industrials. Fieldtrips, in France and abroad, are also organized, in order to meet local and international players. Outstanding speakers, from international firms, civil society and research area, introduce students to the latest scientific developments and innovative management practices in order to have a direct feedback about the way major companies deal with environmental issues.


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EnvIM Asia

EnvIM is a double Degree program, based on successful collaboration between MINES ParisTech, INSA Lyon, Tsinghua University and the University of Pennsylvania since 2007. This 14-month program is based on two academic training periods in China and France and targets environmental and energetic issues of direct relevance for ecological transition and sustainable development in an international context. It offers future young professionals to gain the necessary capacities and cross-disciplinary knowledges, and encourages them to develop a strategic vision on innovation projects in order to seize the opportunities presented by these changes.  

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EnvIM Europe

EnvIM Europe is a single degree 12-month program, proposed since 2014 by MINES ParisTech in partnership with INSA Lyon, to meet the need of a growing range of international applicants, looking for a training and Post Master's degree in environmental management in an International context. 

Thus, the EnvIM Europe program is based on the historical ISIGE and EnvIM strenghts, knowledges and partnerships. After a common core semester (4-month), the EnvIM EU Students has the opportunity to work on a specific project in May.

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Tsinghua School of Environment program

Double degree program

This 3-month program (September to december) is proposed by Tsinghua University, School of Environment - Beijing.


The arrival to Beijing is fixed one week before the first day of class mid September, for administrative procedures and accommodations: Modules are one or two weeks each, with many field trips and projects:

  • Waste water & Drink water treatment
  • Sustainable management of water resources
  • Solid Waste Treatment and site remediation
  • Environment management and policies,
  • Air Pollution Control
  • Ecological quality assessment
  • Industrial ecology and circular economy
  • Chinese culture and society, and Language Chinese or French (each week)

Field trips around Beijing are organized in October, and in the South of China in December.

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MINES ParisTech program

Common Core semester

This program (January - April) proposed by MINES ParisTech is mostly project oriented with lectures given by professionals, industrial experts, or professors and Lecturers, and real case studies.


  • European Institutions, Policies and International Conventions and Human Rights
  • An initiation to Environmental Economics
  • The planet earth: limits, natural resources, biodiversity, 
  • Climate Change, Adaptation and resilience to Climate Change.
  • Energy Transition: Renewable Energy and Environment
  • Environmental Project Management, Financial Tools for projects
  • Project Renewable Energy Project Management.
  • ESIA Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of a large international project, Project DAM, example of Ilisu Large Dam Project
  • Agro Ecology Project, The challenge of feeding 9 billion people by 2050
  • Companies’ Environmental Strategies and Management, Sustainable Development tools, Environment innovations and business, Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Tools and Environmental System Analysis: Life Cycle Analysis, Eco-Design, Carbon footprint, Water footprint
  • Urban development and resilience to climate change, project.
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INSA Lyon program

(two weeks included in the common core program)

Two weeks organized in Lyon with our partner INSA Lyon on their Campus. 


  • Solid Waste management
  • Recycling of wastes and circular economy issues
  • Visits and project on management of recycling and their challenges and opportunities
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A 1-month project

(EnvIM Europe)

Students work on an environmental project to develop new competencies and knowledges on real case studies. The 2016 topic was Mining and Society and in particular an interesting case study about an historic Mines and its end of life management. 2017 topic is about natural resources sustainable management, then a project "mining and society", in partnership with Geoscience department of MINES ParisTech, Environmenal and Social Impact experts, remediation experts...

Projects are defended in front of a jury by the end of may.

2017 Field Trip - Pontgibaud France

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Ranked 2nd at SMBG ranking

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Download EnvIM-scapes : a travelling diary from 2007 to 2017

In 2017, EnvIM celebrated its 10 years of success and partnerships. An ebook was keep a vivid memory of those 10 years,

See the article on EnvIM 10th anniversary