" This program offered me the opportunity to understand concretely many aspects of the environment, by studying real cases: Waste management, water management, industrial ecology..."

Yuwei Sun, student at Tsinghua University - EnvIM Asia 2015




«  The multiculturalism and diversity of the students’ backgrounds was our greatest asset in overcoming the many difficult challenges we encountered. »

James Manning, student at University of Pennsylvania - EnvIM Asia 2015



Interview : Applying all the innovative strategies and practices to build a sustainable economy

Ekaterina Lyzhina - EnvIM Europe (2015)

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Interview : Bridging science with practice and policy in the environmental domain is my main professional focus

Ufoma Umolo - EnvIM Europe (2015)

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Ranked 2nd at SMBG ranking

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envim scapes couverture

Download EnvIM-scapes : a travelling diary from 2007 to 2017

In 2017, EnvIM celebrated its 10 years of success and partnerships. An ebook was realised.to keep a vivid memory of those 10 years,

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