Our values

To train, to share

To train in environment, but also to build a true community. Bonds of heart, a family built on solid foundations. To share common values and dreams. To transmit, to exchange, always with passion and generosity. To take pleasure in thinking the future together.

          Former en environnement
Voyages et découvertes  

To discover, to meet

Openness to the world, decompartmentalization of knowledge and disciplines. Diversity of backgrounds, cultures, stories, which cross, meet and exchange according to travels and discoveries.

To commit, to dream

To commit to bring about change, really believe in it. But also to step onto byways : to explore, to dream, to think beyond the box. Sometimes utopian, always optimistic.

  S'engager pour le changement
Inventer le futur  

To act, to invent

To be attentive to the world and its ecosystems. To adapt to the realities. To invent for future generations. To be aware of the scope of the task, and yet to tackle it relentlessly, to act with pragmatism and enthusiasm.