Industrial partner & student cross-testimony
Feedback of an EnvIM student on his professional training in an industrial major player
Environmental Cooperation in India
Testimony from Nikita Mundra, who followed the EnvIM program after her MS in Bioengineering from Upenn
Eco Industrial Park in China
Eco Industrial Park in China, a model and experiences, from TEDA China to Le Havre.
Sustainable Urbanism Project
CO2 Capture, Storage and Utilization in China
Project realized in partnership with Air Liquide – Centre de Recherche des Loges en Josas and the Capture, Transport and Storage of CO2 (CTSC - MINES Paristech)
Fieldtrip 2014 : Haikkou (South of China)
Over 4 days, the EnvIM 2014 class toured several water treatment facilities, as well as students attended the two-day Fifth Suez Environment / Tsinghua University Environmental Resources Conference.
NOx: a new challenge for diesel light duty vehicles.
While focusing on CO2: NOx emissions are major challenges for diesel car manufacturers.
Meeting in Beijing with French President François Hollande for the COP21
Visit of French President François Hollande and France's Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal at the embassy for the COP21
Interview : Ekaterina Lyzhina, EnvIM - option Europe (2015)
Applying all the innovative strategies and practices to help international companies to face the challenge of building a sustainable economy
Interview : Ufoma Umolo, EnvIM - option Europe (2015)
Sustainable Urban Metabolism : The innovative case study of La Réunion Island ecocity project
Interview with Alice Fournier, EnvIM Student 2014-2015, who did her professional thesis in Artelia
Industrial ecology for port zones
Interview with Mélodie Merenda, EnvIM Student 2014-2015, who did her professional thesis on industrial ecology
Vers un système électrique européen Safer, Smarter et Greener ?
Interview de Marie Larivoire, étudiante du MS EnvIM (promotion 2014-2015), en mission chez MC2I
The development and urban planning of Marseille : top-down vers bottom-up approach
The development and urban planning of Marseille: top-down versus bottom up approach
Waste management session at INSA Lyon
The EnvIM programme includes a 2-week exchange with our partner INSA Lyon, which gives to our students an opportunity to get specific classes on waste management and circular economy, such as waste conversion to energy, eco cities and eco buildings, transportation or Life Cycle Analysis.
Let’s go discover the south of China!
From the 8 to the 15 of December 2016, Tsinghua University organized a field trip for EnvIM students in the South of China.
Agroecology : The challenge of feeding 9 billion people by 2050
One week of lectures and projects on agro-ecology: an EnvIM week welcoming European students (March) of the ATHENS program.
EnvIM EU - Fieldtrip to Pontgibaud
Situated in the north of Puy de Dôme in the "Parc des Volcans d'Auvergne", historically known for silver and lead resources, Pontgibaud mining industry ensured a sound economic development to the territory in the XVIII century. Rehabilitation projects are occuring today, on areas where remnant traces of these past activities are still present.
EnvIM 10th anniversary
July 1st to 3rd 2017, in Paris, was celebrated the 10-year success of EnvIM international program, and the signing of a new 3-year agreement by MINES ParisTech, University of Tsinghua and INSA Lyon.