Interview : Ekaterina Lyzhina, EnvIM - option Europe (2015)

Applying all the innovative strategies and practices to help international companies to face the challenge of building a sustainable economy

EnvIM Europe student

Ekaterina Lyzhina, leading manager in corporate finance at UCL Holding B.V.

Can you present yourself?

My name is Katya, I was born in cold Siberia and after a while moved to Moscow where I worked in major Russian and International companies in corporate finance sphere, doing fund raising for various projects in construction, energy, mining and shipbuilding industries. In my spare time I enjoy reading, traveling, running, skiing and practicing meditation.

What is your professional goal?

Being a member of an honorable German–Russian Young Leaders Conference for more than three years, I have enthusiastically participated in serious dialogues between the distinguished young leaders from both countries, discussing significant global issues in the spheres of economics, finance, business, politics, science and of course environment and sustainable development. Therefore, my participation in such a global-oriented  conference brought me to the fact that I need an additional education in the sustainable development field. My professional goal is to help big international companies to face the challenge of building a sustainable economy by applying all the innovative strategies and practices that exist in contemporary world. 

Why did you chose the EnvIM Europe post-master's program?

I believe that internationally renowned EnvIM Program is able to equip me with all knowledge and skills that are needed for this goal. One of the most attractive things about this program is that it is based on case studies rather than academic concepts. I suppose that when it comes to environmental management, theoretical issues are of great importance of course, but real case studies are absolutely indispensable.

What did you learn and how does this help your professional goal ?

I learned a huge variety of things starting from European institutions and public policies to biodiversity and climate change issues, from environmental project management and life cycle analysis to eco-design and urban sustainable development, to name just a few. Moreover, I believe that the powerful worldwide network of the program as well as its and intensive multicultural curriculum will help me to build life-long connections and pursue my career on the international level, no matter whether I decide to work in another country after my studies or get back to Russia with a brand new insight and a profound cross-cultural awareness.

What did you like the most during your studies here?

I really enjoyed our field trips, they were very well organized and gave us a lot of valuable knowledge and experience. In addition to that, it was a great possibility for all the students to get to know each other better and become real friends!