Waste management session at INSA Lyon

The EnvIM programme includes a 2-week exchange with our partner INSA Lyon, which gives to our students an opportunity to get specific classes on waste management and circular economy, such as waste conversion to energy, eco cities and eco buildings, transportation or Life Cycle Analysis.

One day was dedicated to the visit of an incineration plant for Municipal Solid Waste, which allowed them to have a clear vision of processing waste and to meet the stakeholders involved.

Alongside classes on theoretical and practical aspects of waste management, students had to work on an environmental controversy relating to waste management. The idea was to critically analyse through case studies some of the experimentations carried out in the waste sector. They had to assess the various impacts of the different technical systems involved, to delineate their controversial aspects and to present this in a theatrical form through a debate.

5 groups then presented their work on the following topics :

  • Waste heat recovery : what are the issues to recover heat generated by industries and transform it into energy?
  • Energy from woodwaste : to what extent woodwaste could be used to replace fossil fuel?
  • Biomethane from biofraction of MSW: how can biofraction of municipal solid waste be a credible alternative to produce biogas?
  • Waste from sewage sludge: is it efficient, cleaner and safer to use sewage sludge to produce energy?
  • Waste recycling VS waste to energy : should we chose between these two waste management strategies?