ISIGE Alumni work in the fields of environment, energy and sustainable development, all over the world

70% of our alumni find their first position prior to graduation
100% of our alumni find their first position within 6 months
44% of the hires result from the professional assignment

Alumni positions, examples

  • Project Manager in Renewable Energy, or Green Businesses
  • Environmental & Sustainable Development consultant
  • Climate Change Project Manager
  • Business analyst for innovative projects
  • Supply Chain Compliance Manager
  • Eco-Design and Eco-program Leader,
  • Sustainable Performance and Business Prospective Manager
  • ...

Main sectors

  • Renewable Energy and energy transition: energy efficiency, smart grid, biogaz production, wind and sun energy...
  • Water management
  • Waste recovery and recycling
  • Urban development
  • Manufacturing (goods...)
  • ...

--> International Companies, innovative SMEs, Environmental Consultancy, Consulting firms, Research and Development, NGOs...

Two alumni networks to boost your career

The strength of the ISIGE Mines ParisTech is also that of its alumni network, present in two associations : ISIGE Alumni and Mines ParisTech Alumni.

ISIGE Alumni

Since its establishment in 1992, the ISIGE has successfully created a powerful network of experts devoted to environment and sustainable development. In France and abroad, our alumni are working in various types of structures : large groups, consulting firms, public institutions ...

The mission of ISIGE Alumni is to strengthen and enhance the professional network of his/her former students. To do so, the association organizes events related to current topics in order to maintain exchanges between graduates.

To access this network, graduates can consult the directory.

Contact ISIGE-Alumni

You can also contact ISIGE Alumni on Facebook

MINES ParisTech Alumni

Founded in 1864, the Association of MINES ParisTech Alumni has a rich network of more than 20,000 members spread worldwide. Its aim is to highlight the graduates, to embody the school, to help students in their administrative procedures and to take part in the strategic choices of the school.

Such a network is a powerful feature to boost one's career : alumni directory, reserved career opportunities, conferences, round-table meetings, seminars ...

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