EnvIM programme - Option Asia

A double degree in Environmental Management, for Innovation and Environmental Project Management for a better future.

Tsinghua University : September - December

Students are welcome in the School of Environment, in Tsinghua University, Beijing one week before the first day of class, for administrative procedures and accommodations.

Modules are one or two weeks each, the pedagogy takes into account the latest scientific and technological advances in every field, on topical environmental issues of major importance, that need to be tackled for the future. Each theme is addressed from a scientific an technical, but also social, ethical, managerial and regulatory standpoint, and is illustrated by projects and case studies in China. Many field trips are organised around Beijing and in South China.

This double degree program leads a Post Master Degree from MINES ParisTech and INSA Lyon, and a Master’s Degree from the University of Tsinghua.

Program :

  • Waste water & Drink water treatment
  • Sustainable management of water resources
  • Industrial ecology and circular economy
  • The Air pollution, strategy for improving air quality. Example : Megacities and transportation
  • Environment management and policies, China’s Transforming Environmental Management
  • Waste management and site remediation
  • Ecological quality assessment
  • Energy mix in China, Low Carbon Development
  • Several Field Trips around Beijing and a Field Trip in the South of China
  • Organization of a Workshop in Tsinghua, a project conducted by the students during the period in Beijing


French or Chinese language and cultural courses offered


Fieldtrip in China

MINES ParisTech Program : January - April

This part of the program is mostly project oriented with lectures given by Professionals from Industrial Experts, or Professors and Lecturers, and real case studies.


Program :

  • International Conventions, European Institutions, European Environmental Laws - Human Rights
  • Environmental economics and strategic ressources
  • The planet Earth and biodiversity, Climate Change, adaptation and resilience
  • Energy Transition: future of oil & gas, coal, future demand of energy, renewable Energy and Environment
  • Environmental Project Management, Financial Tools for project, and Financing environmental projects
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for International projects
  • Companies Environmental Strategies and Management, Sustainable Development tools, innovations and new business
  • Environmental System Analysis: Life Cycle Analysis, Eco-Design, footprints
  • Agro-ecology
  • Urban Sustainable Development and Environment


INSA Lyon Program : 2 weeks in February

Two weeks in Lyon, on waste management and recycling, Circular economy as an alternative to the traditional linear economy – which is make, use, and dispose – in order to recover and regenerate wastes as products and materials, at the end of each service life.

The EnvIM international project 

During their stay in China and their first months in France, students work together on a project through France and China on an environmental topic, through an interdisciplinary approach based on innovation. This is a way to understand both the complexity of an environmental issue and its management in a different culture, as it enhances their vision of projects management and helps them better know this major player of the global economy.

This project is linked to Industrial needs. Students have to organize a Workshop in December in Beijing in Tsinghua, and an event in France at the end of January.

Examples of international projects and field trips:

2015: Bluetechs : unveiling new resources through marine innovations in China

2014: Circular economy and industrial symbiosis, genesis, drivers and opportunities, case studies in China and Europe

2013: CO2 re-use, an opportunity for new business in China?

EnvIM Asia Fieldtrips

2015 : The megacity of Chongqing on the Yantze River, Chendgu Province of Sichuan

2014 : Hainan Island – Drinking water plants, and Biogas production– Shanghaï: Tsinghua Sino-French Water limited symposium – Suez Environment

2013 : The Dianchi Lake and waste water treatment plant Kunming, Yunnan – Chongqing Tsinghua Sino-French Water limited symposium – Suez Environment

2012 : The Three Gorges dam - The Dianchi Lake and waste water treatment plant Kunming, Yunnan

2011 : Renewable energies and Coal to Liquid plants in Ningxia Province

Discovering China


EnvIM - Option Asia 2017

Download the application file

Download the reference form model

Deadline to apply :

March 15, 2017



EnvIM 2017

Download the application file

Download the reference form model

Deadline to apply :

March 15, 2017

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Envim students blog


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