EnvIM programme - Option Europe

A Post-Master's programme in Environment from MINES ParisTech: Innovation and Environmental Project Management for a better future

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MINES ParisTech Program : January - April

This program is mostly project oriented with lectures given by Professionals from Industrial Experts, or Professors and Lecturers, and real case studies.

Program :

  • European Institutions
  • Public Policies and International Conventions and Human Rights
  • Environmental economics
  • The earth, its limits and its resources, biodiversity
  • Climate Change, Adaptation and resilience
  • Energy Transition: future of oil & gas, coal, future demand of energyRenewable Energy and Environment, Energy Storage
  • Environmental Project Management, Financial Tools, ESIA Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Companies Environmental Strategies and Management, Sustainable Development tools, Environment innovations and business
  • Environmental System Analysis: Life Cycle Analysis, Eco-Design, footprints
  • Urban Sustainable Development


INSA Lyon Program : 2 weeks in February

Two weeks in Lyon, on waste management, recycling and Circular economy issues, as an alternative to the traditional linear economy – which is make, use, and dispose – in order to recover and regenerate wastes as products and materials, at the end of each service life.


Project and field trips on a European environmental issue : May

This group project is based on specific lessons, case studies, field trips and meetings with experts and a focus on an environmental problem in Europe. This month ensures the followers to acquire the theorical knowledge (legislation, european regulation, technical stakes, technological innovation, CVA analysis, water footprint, carbon footprint..) and the know-how (project management, pragmatic expertise, transversal vision...).

See : the development and urban planning of Marseille

by Manuel Rodriguez Brito (EnvIM Europe 2015)

Program : European regulations, Technological stakes, Visits, Meetings with experts, Climate change stakes, Companies’ Environmental Strategies and Management, Sustainable Development tools, Environment innovations and business, Environmental System Analysis: Life Cycle Analysis, Eco-Design, footprints, Urban Sustainable Development.

Projects managed by students in 2015 :

  • Solar energy for isolated Nigerian communities
  • Sustainable ecovillage in Russia
  • REACH regulation


French language and cultural courses offered


For further information, please contact cathy.descamps-large [a] mines-paristech.fr