Our partners

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MINES ParisTech, since its creation in 1783, has trained engineers able to solve complex problems in a wide range of fields. MINES ParisTech is the first engineering school in France regarding contract research. It provides an important research activity in symbiosis with companies. His fields of research range from energy to materials, applied mathematics, geosciences, economics and social sciences.

bandeau psl

PSL Research University is a community of universities and institutions, comprising 22 higher education and research institutions, located in Paris. Its fields of research and training include science, technology, arts and letters. The objective of PSL Research University is to increase the visibility of the training courses of its member institutions abroad.



Tsinghua University has been established in 1911 and is located in Beijing. Due to its academic excellence, it is regarded as a leading institution in China. It belongs to the C9 League (9 best universities in China), and trained a Nobel laureate and many China top players. Its advantageous international rankings also make it a perfect stepping stone toward careers all over the world.


bandeau insa


Since 1957, INSA Lyon is a top French institution in terms of technical studies. It is located in Lyon and is deeply renowned for its works on technological innovation and waste management.

bandeau upenn

The University of Pennsylvania is an American research University located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It always ranks among the best American and global Universities, and is a member of the American Ivy League (8 best universities in the USA), worldly known for its academic excellence. This partnership leads to the participation of Upenn students in our program. Furthermore, the University of Pennsylvania teachers provide lessons on the Sustainability Strategies of New York City and Philadelphia.