Studying at ISIGE

Studying at ISIGE is an opportunity to get a strong qualification in environmental management and environmental engineering, while living as a student in Paris and Fontainebleau.

ISIGE belongs to the top ranked engineering school MINES ParisTech, one of the most selective engineering school in France.rotterdam

ISIGE welcomes students from every nationality through its post master’s programs. Indeed, we have a strong international background with partnerships with top ranked universities : Tsinghua University and University of Pennsylvania.

We propose 3 post master’s programs in environment for international students.

NB : To apply to one those top ranked masters, you need a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree (with at least 3 years of professional experience)

English speaking programs

EnviM – Option Asia (beginning of classes september)

EnvIM – Option Europe (beginning of classes january)

French Speaking programs

Ingénierie et Gestion de l’Environnement (begininning of classes october)