CSR-SD Executive master

A high level environmental program for managers

Developing an efficient and responsible business strategy

CSR requires specific skills and a cross-disciplinary vision of economic, environmental, societal and social issues. New stakes impact all functions of the companies and the organizations. It is now necessary to have these practices evolve and to develop a realistic sustainable strategy taking into account the organizational, technical and scientific obligations.


Since 2008, the Executive specialized master operationally trains active executives. It allows participants to acquire and consolidate basic technical and scientific knowledge and managerial skills required for their mission. This unique double-prism training is possible thanks to the association between ISIGE – MINES ParisTech and Cegos.


CSR-SD graduated executives effectively and efficiently engage their organization in the integration of CSR as a performance leverage and a competitive advantage.

Promotion 2014 du MS Executive RSE-Développement Durable

The objectives of the Executive Advanced Master in 5 points

  1. To identify the strategic stakes in QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) and Sustainable Development for organizations (companies, community).
  2. To develop a management approach to conceive reasoning which joins sustainable performance and risk management for companies.
  3. To integrate evolutions (which ones?) / mutations in the company's strategy and to incorporate these changes into its traditional functions.
  4. To acquire the skills and control of new tools in the fields of environment, quality and safety, integrated management and sustainable development.
  5. To orient technical and social innovations for a responsible business, at both national and international levels.

Our alumni network gathers key players in sustainable development and CSR and allows its beneficiaries to boost their careers. At the end of their training period, the participants integrate this network and can take part in regularly organized events (conferences, round-table meetings, feedbacks, sharing of good practices ...).

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